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ClassMedia Affiliates is an affiliate program for adult webmasters who want to promote our exclusive adult websites via the Partnership Program. The program is based on a pay per signup system and a revenue share formula.

All of our content is exclusive to our in-house studios!
ClassMedia stands only for exclusive high quality adult content. With ClassMedia's Affiliates Program you can represent 6 amazing websites and enjoy super conversion rates!

We work around the clock to deliver the best content of its kind out there. We are looking forward to working with you to increase your online profits!!

The label ClassMedia makes the difference by managing the complete package:

  • Exclusive movie, art and photo production house;
  • High standard postproduction department;
  • Complete web development;
  • Financial transaction security control;
  • Content protection security;
  • Class Affiliates reseller platform;
  • Sophisticated costumer service team;
  • Established in different countries;

Payout & Stats:

- 50% RevShare Inital and Recurrind Revenue for the lifetime of the membership!
- 50% pay per sign up.

Today ClassMedia Marketing department understands that when affiliate business relations is based on up to date professionalism, this will prolong the advantages in the adult market for both.
The ClassMedia products top identity place in the market makes it such that the better affiliate is fully aware of this in his package.

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